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Promotional Material

Note: Before making any materials, we need to know if it is possible to have a reusable Minefield globe.


FOSS Events Booth


  • have a decent paypal page
  • multilingual website with per locale sponsoring of the project (related to Websites)


  • redesign the web to look nicer and more user friendly
    • getinvolved/community section to replace localizations
    • add-ons section
    • paypal call for action should look better and not be intrusive
    • multilingual with per locale sponsors and ads (= less ads per page but better targeted) (related to Marketing)
    • redesign entirely the download section to be user friendly and more informative
    • obsolete versions shouldn't be proposed for download
    • put the Mozilla Communities logo somewhere in the template (à la Mozilla Hispano)
    • release notes section
    • Developer section ?

Site Map Draft
Site Design Draft

Actually, developer (QA, localization, developers) pages are hosted on Those pages should be move in a "Developer" section on the main site or, on the wiki.

Overview of KompoZer powerful extensions.


Others sub-domains.


  • include video tutorials
  • List all tutorials and documentation freely available on the Web
  • Write simple how-to.
  • Better organization of existing docs (related to Websites)


Mozilla Folks

  • composer bugzilla component should be the project bug tracker, see with Mozilla (and /composer/ folder on trunk too)


  • propose volunteers to do extensions e.g.:
    • hcard insertion extension
    • wordpress/dotclear template editing extension
  • Propose extensions ideas
    • Links Checker (see existing Firefox extensions on AMO)

KompoZer Labs

Overview of features KompoZer could integrate, à la Mozilla Labs.

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