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  • Nvu, KompoZer - what are the differences and which one should I use?
KompoZer is the derivative of Nvu and it's strongly recommended to use the former one, since it has many great new features and the latter one is not developed further more. The intuitive user interface is pretty much the same.
  • Why did the images of my webpages disapear, after i uploaded it on my webspace?
  • Why are wrong fonts are dislayed, when i'm viewing my site on a different computer?
  • How can I prevent KompoZer from messing up my source code?
Sadly you cannot. Due to technical terms with the current versions it is not possible to leave the code like you formatted it. But the use of Tidy diminishes the problem by formatting the code in a proper way.
  • KompoZer won't publish some of my files right...
By now the publish function of KompoZer is buggy. You should use an external application to get your files to your webspace. Recommended are e.g.FileZilla or the Firefox-addon FireFTP.
  • What about frames?
Frames are evil. KompoZer is not capable handling framesets. The only thing you can do is creating the frameset file in a external editor and edit the containing frame pages in KompoZer. But the better way is, just not to use any frames.
  • How do I switch KompoZer's language?
Download the wanted [language pack http://kompozer.net/localizations.php] (make sure you get the right one for your KompoZer version!) and just install it like an addon. Afterwards you'll have to restart KompoZer.
  • Which addons are recommended and how do I get them working?
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